The Luxembourg gardens, just steps away from the Hôtel du Levant

Our hotel is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The Latin Quarter on the left bank of the Seine is the meeting place between a multitude of nationalities, it is one of the most famous areas of Paris in the world that attracts various visitors.

Le The Luxembourg Garden is located on the edge of the Latin Quarter, about 15 minutes walk from the Hotel du Levant as you can see on this map. It is inspired by the Florentine garden Boboli. Created at the initiative of Queen Mary of Medici in 1612, this 25-hectare garden is divided into two parts: one part French and the other English. A geometric forest and a large basin delineate the two parts. Like the neighbourhood in which it is located, the Luxembourg gardens offers a wide range of activities for everyone.

The Garden or the Luxembourg Gardens?
Both are said because in the Luxembourg Garden there are several gardens and for each visitor profile:

The more curious, will stroll through the park through an orchard comprising old and forgotten varieties of apples, they will also be able to visit a hive to learn about beekeeping.

Lovers of beautiful things will stroll through the greenhouses displaying a collection of stunning orchids as well as a rose garden that illuminates the Luxembourg Garden. Art admirers will marvel at the 106 statues dotted across the gardens as well as the splendid Medici fountain which is one of the elements most appreciated by passers-by, but also the Orangerie and the Davioud pavilion.

The youngest and brightest will flourish in the activities and various facilities that have been set up especially for them such as puppets, rides, slides and much more.

Lovers of nature and green grass will play chess, tennis, bridge, read for hours on the benches and the famous iron green chairs installed around the Garden pool.

Gourmets, will enjoy at 10am as at 4pm, small gourmet stopovers in the green wooden huts in the middle of a large green garden.

The observers, will love to settle very close to the fountain of Medicis to contemplate the lovers, the students, the families, the Parisians, and the Tourists.

Come as you are and you will feel good.

The little extra of the Luxembourg Gardens: 10 minutes walk from the Hotel du Levant, discover a rich cultural program with free exhibitions (photography exhibitions, concerts in the Kiosk à musique). Contact us for more information.

20/09/2020 | Hôtel du Levant

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